Pay Per Click – Is It For Small Companies?

Track PPC Conversions to Reach Your Goals

Track PPC Conversions to Reach Your Goals

I recently read an article which suggested that many small businesses aren’t successful using Google Adwords. One of the reasons for this was because they couldn’t track their ROI, or when they could the results were not as expected. Does this mean Google Adwords is not for small companies?
Put simply, no. It’s often down to the problem of smaller companies trying to manage everything themselves in house when they don’t have the expertise to do so.
Google Adwords can be extremely profitable, but you have to know what you’re doing in order to make sure your money is wisely spent.

A top PPC tip for tracking and increasing ROI is:

Conversion Tracking

How do you know something’s working unless you track it? True, you can tell to some degree at face value whether your phone calls, leads or sales have increased. You can use Google Analytics to tell you which landing pages had more visitors. However, it’s far more beneficial if you can track EXACTLY what happened as a result of someone clicking on your PPC Advert. Then you really know if it worked or not. You might say that you don’t have any conversions on your site. Everybody has a conversion. That’s why you want them to visit your website.¬† It all comes down to your business goals and what you’re trying to achieve by running an Adwords campaign¬† Here are some examples of Adwords conversions:

  • Fill in a contact form
  • Make a purchase
  • Inquire about a product or service
  • Sign up to your newsletter
  • Call you
  • Visit a specific page you’re promoting

The great thing about Pay Per Click is that it’s measurable. Once you’ve decided what your goals are, you can decide what your conversion/s should be. Setting up your conversions is easy. Just follow the steps in Google Adwords Blogspot.
Once you’ve had you conversion tracking set up for a while, you can really start to analyse the data. Use this data. Which Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords produce the most conversions? Focus your attention and budget on these. Which Adverts work best? Turn off poorly performing ones and create new ones based on your successful ones.

PPC doesn’t have to be a failure for smaller companies. Just know what you should be doing and do it successfully.


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