Search Engine Optimisation

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the term used to increase a web page or website’ visibility within the search engines by placing the site at top of the search engine for any given keyword or phrase within the natural or organic results.

Your company naturally wants to be top, THE market leader in the field. What does it say about your company if you’re on the second page of Google? Or if your competitor comes top for your best selling product or service? Using the many available SEO techniques to place you first gives you the edge.

What are these SEO techniques?

There are many methods and techniques that give your site a strong standing within search engines. Most take time and effort. To start, creating useful and informative content with targeted key phrases, a strong site architecture that invites search engine robots to freely browse your website, along with establishing and maintaining quality external links.

Your content, after all, is what your clients, researchers and even possibly your next employees need to read. We work with you producing website copy that is not only inviting to read by your visitors, but also boosts your search engine position.

Understanding your competition is paramount, and this is exactly why we spend a significant amount of time analysing your competition, understanding the techniques used so that we can counteract with improved methods.

Some may say that SEO involves just three skills, but this is like stating that an architect only plans, designs and oversees his master project. Likewise, the three skill sets encompass the hundreds of variables needed to obtain your top position within the many search engines.

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